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How to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste – The Right Way

Renovating your lawn and yard will undoubtedly make your house more attractive. But it takes a lot of effort from your side. A day of pruning shrubs, grass clippings, and pulling weeds will leave you with a lot of garbage and wreckage that gets accumulated outside your home before it can be disposed of.

If you have plants, old sods leftover after clean-up, you must be searching for ways to dump them. If you don’t know how to dispose of yard waste properly, you are at the right place to search for answers. We will talk about everything you need to know about yard waste disposal.

What Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste is a type of organic waste created by gardening, landscaping, lawn care, or other outdoor projects. Yard waste consists of vegetative or organic waste produced from the care and maintenance of gardens, lawns, and landscaped areas.

It includes weeds, dead flowers, grass clippings, tree trunks, bush, pruned branches, dirt, stems, wood shaving, rocks, roots, and even Christmas trees. In a word, yard waste is organic materials like grass clipping and leaves.

Yard waste is the reason for a significant amount of the waste that ends up in landfills every year. So, stop dumping it in your regular trash can. Therefore, recycle yard waste if possible.

How To Manage Yard Waste?

Here are some ways to manage your yard waste properly-

  • Ensure your yard waste doesn’t get washed down or into storm drains. This will result in water clogging in your area.
  • Never throw off or sweep grass clippings along the street or into the storm drain.
  • You can control soil erosion by planting native trees on your property and ground cover to stabilize the erosion-prone area.
  • Decompose leaves, brush, weed, grass clippings and other organic material or waste. That will help to increase soil fertility.
  • Never over-water your lawn or garden; this will increase the leaching of fertilizers to ground and surface water.
  • Mow grass higher and leave grass clippings in the lawn to contain the moisture and nutrients in the soil.
  • Burning yard waste can be a good way to eliminate waste. However, burning yard waste is not legal in all countries.

Do You Need A Junk Removal Company For Your Yard Waste Removal?

The initial answer is “yes.” You could use a junk removal service to haul away your yard waste in an instant. Once you are done with your yard renovation or landscaping, you can make a call to your local junk removal company; they will do the dirty work for you.

Top junk removal companies provide many options that help you get rid of yard waste left behind after taking care of your yard. However, hiring someone from outside to take care of the waste after landscaping may not take the waste with them.

A waste collection company will send one of their employees to inspect your debris beforehand. The cost will depend on how much yard waste you have accumulated.

It’s better to use expert hands for this job; they know how to dispose of the waste properly in an environment-friendly way. That’s why a junk removal service is an excellent option to remove your yard waste.

They will haul all types of waste, big or small. All you need to do is fix a schedule with them to remove your trash completely. You don’t even need to lend a hand.

Alternative Yard Waste Removal Options To Consider

Apart from junk removal services, there are other ways of yard waste disposal. Let’s take a look at them-

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental is another efficient method to remove your yard waste. You can contact a dumpster rental provider and schedule a pick-up time and place suitable to you for your yard waste removal. But one thing to keep in mind, you have to do all the dirty work here.

Once the dumpster arrives at your walkaway, you will have to fill the dumpster on your own. When you are done filling the dumpster, call the provider, they will take away the dumpster. If you can afford the strength to do the job independently, you can go for this service.

Some dumpster services offer flexible working hours, so you don’t need to take stress while cleaning the yard, and you can clean at your own pace.

Local trash collective service

Check if you have a local daily or weekly waste management service in your community. This is a decent way to get rid of your yard waste. This is a convenient option if you have less amount of trash.

All you have to do is put the yard waste in a trash bag and leave it by the curb, and your local trash collectors will atomically pick up the waste. The good thing is you don’t need to pay for this service. But there are some back draws to this service.

If you don’t have this service in your area, you need to search for other yard waste removal options. If you have accumulated a significant amount of yard waste like stumps, you might not be able to use this service. Mainly, it depends on the local townsman.

Recycle or Compost

The recycling process of garden waste and repurposing it for other works is a great way, so your trash doesn’t need to end up in a yard waste dump site. You can grind tree branches, leaves, and grass into mulch if you have proper tools.

If you have space available in your yard, you can make a compost pile and let nature decompose it for an eco-friendly alternative. But, a compost pile can attract pests and rodents. Also, larger debris will take longer times to compost.

Is It Legal To Burn My Yard Waste?

It depends on the area you are living in. If it is legal in your area to burn down the waste, then you can opt for this method. But if it is illegal in your area, you might require a special permit from the local government.

Burning all of the yard waste is an effective and easiest way of yard waste removal. It is common in rural areas because it is the least expensive and time-saving method to eliminate all the yard waste.

Some places have strict rules about bonfires or any types of waste you can burn. For example, if you get a permit in a city or suburb area, make sure your fire pit is a minimum of 150 feet away from the nearest building.

Choose a windless day for this job and practice all the safety measures before committing this. Then, you can ask for someone’s assistance to hose down the fire in case of a fire breakdown.


We hope our detailed article was a valuable read to you. While cleaning your yard, make sure you are not throwing off your waste in a drainage system or sewer. Also, always ensure that the yard waste disposal is carried out in an eco-friendly way.

Next time you clean your yard, don’t forget to look at this article. If you have anything to know, let us know.


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