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Hauling Services

If you got an old piece of furniture, appliance, or any equipment you haven’t used for nearly 3-4 years, it’s time to say goodbye. Let us take good care of your unwanted items and let you have more space on your property!

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Residential & Commercial Hauling Service

Overwhelmed by a large amount of junk and trash in your home or office? Or worried about how you’re going to move the old furniture and appliances from the top floor? You don’t need to worry anymore! No matter what type or the amount of junk you have, Baypro is always here to make your life easier!

Sure, you can get some friends to help you with it or even hire a local guy. But you wouldn’t expect them to do a tidy job like professional junk removal specialists, would you?

When it comes to hauling away your trash and junk with no traces of them afterwards, you need professional help. And by professional, you need ‘BayPro Junk Removal’s help.

As the name implies, ‘Baypro Junk Removal’ is the ultimate solution for handling your trash professionally. Our core mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and keep the neighborhood free of debris.

Whether you need us in San Francisco or Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding cities in the East Bay, we’re only one phone call away!


Professional Junk Removal Services: We Take EVERYTHING!

Baypro junk removal is a local trash hauling company that provides quality services to the San Francisco Bay area. We specialize in all kinds of junk, trash, debris, appliances, furniture, including paint recycling, we take anything and everything!

Got unwanted junk at your home or office ? Our professional junk hauling services are ready to make your life easier. We make sure all the unwanted waste and items are gone within minutes while you just watch and let us know what needs to be gone. 

Our expert staff will remove any unwanted items, debris, junk or trash from your apartment, house, basement, office, backyard, attic, garage. We will take it away from anywhere.  When you hire us, you don’t get a NO for an answer, can be a  single item that you want to be removed or it’s a pile of endless junk we’re all in.

We offer our services not only in San Francisco, but in Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley as well!

Every year millions of homeowners, restaurants, retail stores or offices exchange their old appliances with new and updated ones. But, while getting a new appliance is easier,  you need to get properly  rid of the old ones. 

This is where Baypro can help you out. Unlike general trash or junk, your appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine or stove are not dumped on landfills. Instead, they require proper recycling and disposal. We ensure all your appliances are correctly recycled and processed. 

But most importantly, getting rid of a refrigerator or a dishwasher is a burden you wouldn’t want to take on your back. They require a particular toolset and expertise to carry out the task properly. So you need professional help removing those, ensuring you don’t do any harm to yourself nor damaging  your property.


Mattresses are hard to get rid of. So what do you do when you want to remove your mattresses? You certainly do not want to put it out with regular trash, as it won’t be picked up by your regular garbage company.  Also, it is against the regulations in most municipalities to just leave it on the sidewalk, not a proper way to dispose of them. 

Removing mattresses from a top floor apartment is a headache that requires two persons to properly remove it from your home, also it  will not fit in your compact car. So what do you do? It’s simple, you call us and we take care of the removal and we will transport it for proper recycling. We are here to make your life easier, we don’t mind if it’s only a single item or you need a big pile of items, we will pick it up. !

Old and unwanted furniture can be a real problem for both business or residential. In general, they are larger and heavier than most other regular trash that required special handling while getting out of the premises.

Maybe you’re buying new furniture or moving out of your current office or home and need to get rid of all the old desks and chairs, old shelves or cubicles, cabinets. So where do you start? The labor is immense and there is a high risk of damage everywhere. Hiring Baypro you will hire professionals that will safely remove any furniture and properly dispose of all your unwanted office furniture and equipment.

Or you might want to get rid of your bedroom set furniture such as dressers, nightstands and bed frame and mattresses , or you may want to replace your old couches, dining table. To remove and properly dispose of furniture required is a very heavy lifting task. This is a very delicate job that must be done by a professional team to avoid personal injury or property damage.

No matter your situation, Baypro is always one phone call away from helping you get the problem fixed!

Imagine a life without the electronics you use every day, a tough one, I bet. But, it seems like the technology, hardware and software are upgrading every minute!

While technology is proving to be a true blessing more and more every day, with new updates and improvements every day, it’s also producing an immense amount of e-waste that needs to be taken care of PROPERLY!

There is a high volume of e-waste produced from every single home and office in the US alone. Our e-waste team here at Baypro is highly professional and expert in handling electronics waste and recycling or disposing of them correctly.

Make sure you get in touch with our staff to ensure you’re doing the right thing regarding your home or office’s e-waste management.


Construction Renovation can always make a pile of debris that needs to be removed right away. Especially if you’re doing a construction project, you need the mountain of waste to be hauled away so you can have more space and ease of working. We do construction cleanup and removal.

Baypro Junk removal is the go-to company when you need professional, reliable and flat rate junk removal service to help with your project. We specialize in all kinds of construction waste; such as wood,debris, stucco, insulation, mixed sheetrock, concrete, bricks, shingles, masonry material, tile, marble etc, etc . We will take it all.

If you’re constantly working on building projects, you need a reliable removal company who can take responsibility regularly to clean-up your job site. If you need professional help to quickly get rid of your construction debris, luckily Baypro’s professional construction junk removal team is only one phone call away. All you have to do is schedule a time and when the team arrives, point out the trash and debris that you need to be gone, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Getting a new carpet? You can leave the hassle of removing the old carpet or rugs to us. We remove and dispose of all kinds of old carpet, rugs from your home, office or any type of commercial building. In addition, if you’re getting a new floor, we can help you get rid of the old flooring as well. In short, whenever you’re thinking of changing the look of your flooring, you call us immediately to take care of the old stuff and let you enjoy the new carpet or floors you’re installing!

FREE E-Waste Pick-up

Free of charge when you schedule a Junk removal service. We will pick up Any flat screen tv-monitors, computers, laptops, cell-phones, servers, Hard-drives for FREE.

Items We Take

Furniture removal

E-waste removal and recycling

Commercial Trash Removal

Other Trash

Appliance Removal

Hot Tub Removal

yard trash Removal

home Junk Removal


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I got a very rapid response, good service, and a very reasonable price.

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Steven Taylor

I'm very satisfied ; and want to convey that BayPro provided excellent services , for my family and I. Moreover, I would highly recommend their quality work in removing/ disposal junk.

Andre Bradford

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