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Baypro: Full Service Junk Pick Up and Hauling Services in San Francisco, CA

Baypro is the household name for junk removal services among the locals. And this is for a good number of reasons. Our affordable flat rate prices, all-inclusive service, friendly and expert team members and superior customer service have made us a local brand that people can trust and rely on.

At Baypro, we take complete care of your residential and commercial properties and ensure proper disposal of all the remains. Our garbage hauling team does all the heavy lifting and lets you get rid of unwanted bits and pieces items once and for all!

As a locally owned trash hauling business and junk pick-up company, we’re proudly serving San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade! Our goal is to clean up SF and keep as much trash out of the landfills as possible. We ensure proper recycling and disposal to ensure we’re leaving a safer and more eco friendly environment for the next generations. A good portion of the unwanted items goes to local charities and the people in need.


Our Services to the
Greater San Francisco Area

Residential Removal Service

When it comes to residential crap pickup, you need professionals and experts who can do the heavy lifting on your behalf while you can sit back. After all, who is ready to remove bulky furniture and large appliances all by themselves, right? Our trash removal and pickup services are best known for removing any unwanted items that you want to have gone. Furniture, home appliances, couch, mattresses, cardboard, paint, e-waste and any general garbage.

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Construction Garbage Hauling

You might be an expert in building, but removing the construction debris after the work has been done can be challenging for anyone. While you want to have professional help, you certainly don't want high costs or damage to the site.Our flat-rate construction junk hauling service can be the perfect fit for you if that is the case. We remove the debris, flooring, tiling, concrete or any other construction waste in the most efficient and eco friendly way.

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Commercial Junk Hauling

Our expert haulers team can make the old and unwanted furniture, file cabinets, cubicles, e-waste, carpets, miscellaneous trash and any other items from your office space. If you’re moving to a new retail store. And need to remove all the retail trash, displays, carpets gone; you’re one phone call away! We're one of the top-rated full-service junk removal companies in San Francisco that can take away the old scrap and free up your space.

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Real Estate Cleanup

Baypro is your one-stop solution for all kinds of real estate clearance and trash hauling. Emptying a house can be extremely daunting for anyone. With us, you can get your clutter removed quickly and affordably. Whether you're moving in or out, or you need a spring clean up, we can help. All the unwanted tires, debris, toys, card boxes are removed, recycled and hauled away, keeping your garage, basement and attic cleaner than ever.

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E-waste Removal & Recycling

If you live in the San Francisco bay area, you know how much electronic waste gets produced every day. As a responsible and eco-friendly hauling company, we recycle and dispose of the materials correctly. Here at baypro, we’re proud to announce that we can recycle 75% of your electronic waste, including TVs, computers, fax machines, cell phones, hard drives, computer monitors and most items containing circuit boards and electronic elements. We got you covered for recycling any electronic items.

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Furniture/Appliance Removal

Getting rid of old furniture and appliances can be a huge pain. We've got you covered with our one-of-a-kind service that allows you to schedule a hauling appointment online at your convenience. Our friendly team will haul away all the unwanted items from your doorstep on the scheduled date and time. All we ask is for an itemized list of what needs to be removed so we don't accidentally take something valuable along with the trash. It's as simple as that!

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Furniture, Appliances, Trash or Garbage Removal
We Take Anything and Everything!!

Baypro is the go-to company for all kinds of appliance removal, furniture removal and trash hauling services in San Francisco, CA.
Whether the trash is in your home, office, backyard, attic, garage, storage unit or anywhere, if they’re still there, they can be removed. No matter what floor you’re on, let it be 7th or 70th; we can remove it.
You’ll be amazed when it comes to the items that we can remove and haul for you. Just point our staff the item you want to be gone, and we will take care of the rest. We remove any kinds and sizes of appliances, furniture, scrap metals, debris, bulk rubbish- anything that you can name can be removed.
Whether it’s San Francisco or Oakland, Baypro is the only hauling company you’ll need to declutter your life!

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Junk Removal San Francisco: What Do We Remove?

How Our Services Work

Getting rid of the trash can be daunting for anyone. But not when you have us as your junk hauling partner. Follow these three easy steps and get freed!
Step 1

Schedule Your Appointment

First, book online using our forms or call us at +1 415 299 6284 to make an uncommitted appointment. Our friendly and professional crew will reach your site and call you 30 minutes before arrival. If you need urgent removal, we offer a same-day junk removal service too.

Step 2

Onsite One Upfront Flat Rate

When we arrive at your location, we do a quick virtual assessment and give a flat rate upfront fair price for the service. Everything inclusive, no hidden charges, no additional cost after the load up or anything. You know the total price before we even start. So there are no surprises in the end.

*No Hidden Fees, No Surprises.

Step 3

Sit Back and Relax: We Do All the Heavy Lifting

This is the easiest part. When you’re totally satisfied with our price and prompt service, we begin the removal process. Which may take 1-2 hours based on the number of items or amount of garbage you have. In the meantime, all you need to do is relax and point out the things that need to be gone.


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Full Service Trash Pickup, Garbage Disposal, Cleanup Service in the Bay Area!

How do you get rid of the massive pile of trash and other unwanted items from your residential or commercial property in San Francisco? Well, you don’t. All you have to do is book an appointment with Baypro, and we do the rest, literally. 

Baypro Junk removal is a family-owned neighborhood junk removal company in San Francisco, CA. We’re proudly serving SF and all other surrounding neighborhoods in the bay area.
Whether you’re just cleaning up your garage or basement, disposing of your old mattress, upgrading to new furniture, demolishing your property, or having a lot of cardboard from moving in. All this can produce a huge amount of junk that requires professional handling and labor-intensive work. Let it be any trash or junk, or furniture and appliances, Baypro junk removal is always at your service.

At Baypro, we take complete care of your residential and commercial properties and ensure proper disposal of all the junk. Our junk removal team does all the heavy lifting and lets you get rid of unwanted junk items once and for all!

As a locally owned trash hauling business and junk pick-up company, we’re proudly serving San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade! Our goal is to clean up SF and keep as much trash out of the landfills as possible while recycling junk as much as we can. A good portion of the unwanted items goes to local charities and the people in need.

Why Choose Baypro in San Francisco?

Upfront and Flat Rate Pricing

Our pricing model is very simple, affordable and straightforward. We don’t give you a price before starting the work and add extra charges when the job is done. Instead, we provide One Upfront Flat Rate and stick to it. As a customer-centric trash hauling company, Baypro believes in a straightforward pricing model. Hence, we will give you the final price after the onsite inspection. You can instantly get free estimates when our staff reaches your job site.

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Same Day Service

Working on the cleanup and garbage removal industry, we understand the urgency that arises from time to time. For example, you might have a big chunk of rubbish and unwanted furniture piled up that needs to be gone today. And that’s perfectly fine! Because we offer same day service to our entire San Francisco based customers. So no matter how much garbage you have piled up or how urgent it is, we are at your service!

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Professional & Prompt

When you hire a professional junk remover, you expect certain things from them. But, unfortunately, many companies fail to meet those requirements. With Baypro, you don’t have to worry about a thing when we’re there. Our fast and efficient worker will make sure all your other assets and property remain clean and tidy. At the same time, we remove the junk and let you enjoy the space!

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What our customers say about us

I'm very satisfied ; and want to convey that BayPro provided excellent services , for my family and I. Moreover, I would highly recommend their quality work in removing/ disposal junk.
Jim M
The team arrived on time and was ready to get to work right away! I was so happy to have all the trash removed and in such a timely matter. Our company will be using their services again. Thank you again!!
Steven Taylor
The fee was reasonable and they were transparent with their fees. There were no hidden fees. Quick response time. They were prompt. They were a pleasure to work with. I would use them again in the future and refer the company to others .
Rose Tagle

Affordable and Qualified Junk Haulers Near You

#1 Junk Hauling and Trash Pick Up Service in San Francisco

If you’re looking for a quality hauling service in San Francisco, look no further. You’re already in the right place! Baypro junk removal can take care of all your junk hauling and pick up needs, as well as trash and garbage pick up and disposal, heavy junk hauling, or any requirements that have to do with getting rid of items you no longer want.

We understand how hard it is to find a company that offers quality service at an affordable price. But, imagine getting the best junk hauling and pickup service around without having to worry about hidden fees or unrealistic promises! Baypro Junk Removal Service will help you get rid of your unwanted items quickly and efficiently, with no hassle or extra charges.

We provide junk hauling and pickup services in the entire Bay Area efficiently and smoothly. Our customer-focused approach ensures we are always on top of our game when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs – whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes – so don’t hesitate any longer!

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Frequently asked questions

Junk removal is an on-demand service to have just about any kind of trash removed from your home or business. We haul large items like furniture and appliances, do full house cleanouts, offer light demolition and pick up all kinds of trash and yard waste from your home, office or property.

It’s easy, call us 24/7 on +1 415 299 6284 or book with our online form and schedule an in person onsite for an upfront price. Then, once you’re happy with our pricing, we do the rest.

The best thing to do is get professional help. Whether it’s an office or home furniture, the best way to handle this is to get in touch with Baypro, and our team will take care of it.

You can’t. It’s illegal in San Francisco to leave your furniture or any junk in the street. We recommend you get in touch with a professional furniture removal company like Baypro. So you don’t get reported and get in unnecessary trouble.

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