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What You Need To Know About Recycling Old Furniture

In 2015 alone, it is estimated that Americans have tossed at least 12,000,000 tonnes of furniture that could have been reused and repurposed.

Household decor furniture items are vastly available in materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. While it adds a very nice touch to the overall feel of the house, it complicates things in the long run where you would consider disposing of them. So, instead of throwing your unused furniture, there are ways through which you can benefit from your unused furniture.

So, here in this blog post, we’ll talk about all the ins and outs regarding furniture recycling and the possible benefits you can have.

What is Recycled Furniture?

You’d save yourself a lot of money if your furniture were in good enough condition to sell. You could make a new smaller piece of furniture using the materials from the furniture you are trying to get rid of. 

Recycling your furniture will help you in many ways. You won’t only be saving a lot of your money but would even contribute to saving the environment.

Furniture Recycling Preparation

To prepare your furniture for recycling, make sure you remove everything of value to you, such as cushions and cover ups. Get it all clean, remove any dirt or stains that may have been collected, and have it wiped up.

For furniture with a metal frame, you’ll need to contact a scrap metal dealer who will inspect it and figure out if anything is unusable.

Second-Hand stores should accept other forms of furniture of any material. Even if it needs a little work done, it should be acceptable if it is free of bugs or lice.

The Challenge of Efficient Furniture Removal

Think it like this, when getting a new bed, some give in to the temptation of purchasing a whole new bedroom set which comes with the burden of figuring out what to do with the previous one that did not need replacing. 

It’s illegal to dispose of furniture on the curbside, so dismantling and carrying the pieces and debris out to dispose of intensifies. Even with the assistance of your municipality, you’d have to be entirely dependent on their schedule. 

The Challenge of Office Furniture Removal 

Well, there are a few challenges that you may encounter. When upgrading office furniture removal, here are the issues that you are likely to encounter: 

  • The mess of having to decide what to keep and to discard 
  • It may be pretty time-consuming, and removing furniture during office hours can make things worse
  • The procedure is a lot of hard work and logistics-intensive
  • It may even require multiple vehicles for transportation.  

There’s Always a Better Option Than Dumping

Donations and charity are ideal ways to go. You’re helping out a person who’ll get better usage out of what you’re trying to discard. It even makes you humble and gives you peace while you’re giving someone else a helping hand. 

Benefits of Reducing and Reusing

It minimizes the waste in the landfills and the usage of raw materials. This even saves energy and emits fewer greenhouse gasses, making your contribution to climate change a bit smaller.

Ideas on How to Reduce and Reuse

A few things you can do to reuse and reduce are –  

  • Buy pre-used furniture that is multifunctional
  • Make sure exactly what you need to buy and how much space you have
  • Use slipcovers
  • Reuse chairs by changing their seats

These are some of the best ways you can reduce and reuse your old furniture. However, we always recommend you take the help of professionals to ease your way through with your unused furniture.

Recycling Wood Furniture 

Most wood items are made of treated wood, including veneers and artificial materials. Varnish, paint, and wood adhesives aren’t suitable for recycling because of mulch, and also, most of these are made of particles and chipboards. 

So, when recycling your wooden furniture, make sure you know all the nuts and bolts about the furniture texture and wood-style before proceeding with wood furniture recycling. 

Best Ways to Recycle the Old Furniture 

Donation To Any Charity

Donation is always a good and humble idea to help a person out who could potentially get better usage out of what you are trying to get rid of. 


Seek Help From Any Rubbish Clearance Company (Should Be Environmental Friendly

Companies like EnviroWaste and Junk-King assure safe and eco-friendly reusability and recycling of your discarded items. They assure proper care before donating or making use of your products.


Recycle Your Old Furniture By Giving it to Someone

Many non-profit organizations use your discarded items and find them new homes in lobbies, break rooms, and bedrooms of people in need.

Reupholster or Refinish It

A door into a headboard, a ladder into a drying rack, packing crates into side tables can be a fun activity and be useful out of something you otherwise would discard.


  1. Can I recycle furniture in my curbside recycling program?

It is best not to dump your items and be responsible enough to contact your municipality for these because curbside dumping is illegal. So, make sure you know all the ins and outs regarding your curbside recycling program.

2. Can I recycle my old furniture for money? 

You can trade your old furniture for money or receive a discount on a new one, which benefits you and the environment.

3. How is furniture recycled? 

Most furniture is not designed to be recycled unless it is mostly metal. The padding is difficult to separate from the foam. Paint and varnish in the furniture can’t be composted, thus, outweighing the values of materials.


Bottom Line

Recycling furniture is inexpensive, lowers carbon release, less pollution, deforestation, and usage out of raw materials. With all these benefits to the environment and adding a personalized touch to your space, why wouldn’t you want to be involved in the recycling programs? So, I hope this article will let you know all the benefits and advantages you can get through furniture recycling.


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