How BAYPRO Works

Baypro Mattress Removal
What We Do

We Remove anything and Everything for Residential and Business. Our two man crew and our big trucks will clear junk from anywhere on your property; We do all the Labor and Loading, and  give the area a thorough sweep-up, and then take it all away to be either reused, recycled or properly disposed..

What We Take

We take all type non-hazardous junk and All household Hazardous Material, and bulky waste, from furniture to mattresses to electrical appliances, to garden refuse, construction debris, Paints etc.  For health and safety reasons, we cannot remove certain hazardous items (for example, asbestos and biological waste)


How We Charge

RATES STARTS AT $95.00  We charge based on the amount and type of junk we remove  and the labor required to do the removal. We provide up-front all-inclusive competitive pricing that will includes labor, dump disposal or recycling fee and fuel for transportation. There are no hourly rate, special item fee or any hidden fee or surcharge. ONE FLAT UP-FRONT FEE!!

Our Junk Removal Rates for the Entire Bay Area

Why our prices are lower? Our trucks are  30% larger than our big junk hauling franchise competitors ; resulting in multiple pick up before we head for disposal. in fact, we offer some of the best rates in the Bay Area - because we recycle about 50% , PLUS we do not have a corporate overhead cost. WE ARE LOCAL.

How do we calculate junk removal rates?

We charge according to the amount of junk, trash or green waste that we load in the truck.

  • Prices start at just $95! No job is too big or too small, and price will vary depending on your load and Labor required to remove.

  • BAYPRO Removal Specialists are always happy to come out and do a free onsite assessment for your junk removal request.

  • Onsite assessment Price are UP FRONT with NO added labor or weight charges. Up-Front Pricing means no surprises!

  • We offer a 10% recycle discount for loads containing 45% minimum of recyclable materials such as metal, paper, cardboard, etc.

  • Heavy material (dirt, concrete, construction debris) may cost a little more than regular trash (weigh and labor increase rate)

  • Wet paints  (HAZARDOUS) - Special disposal fee if over 5 gallons

Preliminary quote. 

Phone Quote: price may or may not vary due to type of material and access (labor to remove or disposal fee at the dump) Preliminary estimate  are an average for household junk and trash and for junk/trash with easy access. Prices may vary due to weight and/or access. Prices also may vary slightly depending on the location. Minimum jobs start at $95 for trash and junk hauling. Price may vary based on ease of debris access.


Discounts available for multi-loads. Contractor and senior discounts also available. We are always happy to come out and provide a FREE ESTIMATES.

Note:  There may be a small surcharge on several items such as, tires, hazardous waste, paints, large tv's. A lot of our customers are not aware that we must pay for the disposal (recycle fee). As of today, the average dumping rates in the Bay Area  $170 per ton. We recycle about 50% of the material we haul and are constantly trying to keep our hauling rates reasonable. We recycle hundreds of tons of metal, paper and yard waste per year. This is a lot of junk and garbage that does not go to landfills where the trash releases harmful methane gases that are known to contribute to global warming.